Saturday, May 17, 2008


Sections of entry included: the “Elixer of Life,” “Portkey,” “Obliviate,” and “Goblet of Fire,” as The Ninth District of the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, Inc., (AKA regional garden clubs) presented its annual flower show this weekend themed to the Hogwart’s Express.

Like flowers, flower shows have their own complicated structure including Division; Section, Class, and finally Entry. This entry is from Division 1 Design: “Spells and Charms;” Section A: “Incendio,” Class 2, “Obliviate,” in which the design had to include “some components to be viewed through others.”

Other sections included “Reducio,” miniatures ranging from three to eight inches in height, and “Stupefy” featuring “Elixir of Life,” “Underwater Wizardry” and “Three Broomsticks.” Division 2, Horticulture, had eleven sections ranging from herbs to single stems and cut specimens, and some of the most delicious looking asparagus I’d seen in a long time.


Jilly said...

What a stunning arrangement. As you say flower shows are a whole different world. Lovely photo.

Rose said...

Wow, "stunning" was exactly the same word I said when I saw this photo.

mrsb said...

I love the idea of "Harry Potter" themed flower arrangements. How original!

Inkster1 said...

Thank you, Jilly, Rose, and MrsB for visiting. It was a hard thing to shoot, but the interpretations of the theme were just brilliant. Thank you for visitng Katonah daily photo.