Friday, May 1, 2009

Katonah Fireman's Parade

About this time last year, this site, which was then about photos of Katonah, got hundreds of hits inquiring about the date and time of the Katonah Fireman's Parade. We are happy to provide that information here, but, if you haven't found it already, do visit the Katonah Fire Department's site.

The Katonah Fireman's Parade is on Thursday June, 4, followed by the Annual Carnival which takes place through Sunday, June 7.

Please click on the following links for pictures from the 2008 Parade: Katonah Fireman's Parade; Painted Lady; Mom's Man and Junior Fireman.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Katonah Home: View from the Back Window

This is what we see virtually year-around from the "great room" that adjoins our kitchen. The previous owners get credit for the bushes and pachysandra which stay green all year. Outside of the great room is a 450 sq. ft. patio with room to grill, dine, sunbathe and even exercise.