Tuesday, May 6, 2008

From My Garden

Thank you to all our French friends for the story of Muget! After several failed attempts, my own Lilly of the Valley Garden is now established. Next year I hope to start the May 1 Muget tradition here. There are many people to whom I am thankful. This photo combines my Muget with Muscari Aramecium, which have been in my garden for many years. It is from a small bouquet on my desk. If you expand the photo, there's a little something interesting in the background, captured, for this photo quite unwittingly, but in real life, with intent. I hope you enjoy the shot.


smilnsigh said...

So lovely...

And 'I spy' someone's picture... :-)


Inkster1 said...

Yes. From a long time ago. Thank you for visiting. And thank you for noticing! Hope to see you soon!