Thursday, May 8, 2008

Heavenly Route?

It is if you are a horse rider in Katonah, Bedford, Bedford Hills, or the surrounding towns.

The Bedford Riding Lanes Association (BRLA) is a publicly supported non-profit organization originally established as the Private Lanes Association to protect and maintain a system of country lanes so equestrians could circumvent paved roads and cars. Nominal annual dues get you an access tag.

There are approximately 200 miles of lanes running through woods and nature preserves with approximately 80% of the trails passing through private land. Walking the red dogs on one of these trails one Saturday morning, I ran into Richard Gere, who was astride his horse.

Approval to ride trails on private property is by informal agreement. When homes change title, the new owners are asked to grant permission and usually do. Initially, two prominent Bedford residents: Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren did not. Several years ago, when she bought the property, Ms. Stewart was asked if she would open her land to riders and she reportedly said: “When Ralph does, I will.” I have been told that since then both have. In fairness, before she left for prison in 2005, The New York Times reported that she participated in Trail Cleanup Day. The BRLA sponsors two paces each year. This year’s pace will be held May 30, and we’ll be there for City Daily Photo.


Ineke said...

Martha Stewart is only known here for her prison time. Learning things all the time through everyone blogs. Thnx! :)

Inkster1 said...

Thank you for visiting! I, too, love all the info gathered through the blogs. Martha Stewart has a reputation for alienating the people in the towns where she lives. Stay tuned, as there will be more Martha stories to come.

Mary Helen said...

I would love to run into Richard Gere! I know Martha Stewart isn't like much...but I think she is a very smart woman and if only I could make a million or have to admire her.

• Eliane • said...

Well, bumping into Richard Gere on your morning walk is an heavenly start of the day, if you ask me. ;)