Monday, March 17, 2008

Shamrocks from the Heart

On a dare, exactly eleven years ago today, Tommy, the veteran bartender at The Blazer in Purdy’s, New York sold his trousers for $30 and donated the money to charity; a tradition was immediately born. The proceeds have grown annually, topping $6,000 in 2007. Funds accrue from both the sale of shamrocks which help decorate the pub and proceeds of an auction, the items for which are donated by the community. Items have typically included facials from a local spa, handmade pillows crafted by students from an area middle school, football and hockey tickets, gift baskets, sets of children’s golf clubs, and too many more to mention. The items are never solicited; they simply appear at the restaurant. In recent years, the money has been contributed to Friends of Karen, a charity headquartered in Purdy’s and dedicated to providing emotional, financial, and advocacy support to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. “The most important thing I can say,” Tommy said, “is that we are just facilitators. It’s the local community that makes it all happen.” (Inset photo Tommy, and Blazer owner, Alice).

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Jana said...

What a great thing to do! I hope they raised alot that day!