Thursday, March 20, 2008

Letter in a Box

It’s supposed to work the other way around. By following “clues” posted on the web, you are supposed to find the letterbox, stamp it with your own personal stamp, then re-hide the box for someone else to find. As the dogs and I were walking along the Beaver Dam River in Bedford Hills, NY, searching for a “water” picture for next month’s theme, this box floated up to me.

Until we “met” I had no idea that “letterboxing” even existed, yet there is apparently an entire community seeking these hidden boxes. To learn more, here is a link related to letterboxing in North America; here is the link to Dartmoor Letterboxing where it all began, and here’s the Wikipedia write-up. And yes … as soon as my stamp is carved I’ll be joining the “club,” a great excuse to find new places to walk my dog(s)! Through some detective work and luck I have actually found its rightful home, and it shall be returned tomorrow.

Any Letterboxers among CDP’ers?


Jana said...

I am a letterboxer and I use atlasquest all the time.

Letter boxing is a fun activity. You use clues to find the letterboxes. They are usually hidden in parks and along hiking/walking trails. But some are hidden in zoo's, at stores (the store keeper is always in on it), and other fun places. We asw it in Family Fun Magazine a few years ago and started letterboxing. So far my family has hidden 9 letterboxes. People from all over the US and a few from other countries have found our letterboxes.

I hope you will contact the person that left the letterbox. They should have left an email contact somewhere in the box.

Inkster1 said...

Hi Jana:

Thanks for visiting. I did e-mail the letterboxer. I've also re-packaged everything and am returning it to its rightful place today. Now that I know a little more about the topic, I can see where there was a clue to its origin which would have made it easier to find on Atlasquest. But all is now right with that particular letterbox.

Rio Rocket said...

I never knew about letter boxing until I saw your site. I did a search in south east Michigan just to see if there were any letter boxes in my area. OH MY GOSH! There's one right here in Harrison Township. If I get time and the snow melts more I might take a walk and see what I can find.

Inkster1 said...

Thanks for visiting. I'll be curious to hear about your Letterboxing adventures!

Jana said...

Glad to hear you are interested in letterboxing and contacted the letterbox owner. Letterboxing sounds a little silly, but is really a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy it!