Friday, February 29, 2008

Christo Not!

The sun was out and I went in search of color yesterday, something other than red dogs, grey skies, and brown, leafless trees. And I found this … white. I vaguely remember “white” described as “the absence of color.” The Oxford American Dictionary defines it as: “resembling a surface reflecting sunlight without absorbing any of the visible rays; of the color of milk or fresh snow,”… or this building under construction in Mt. Kisco, a few towns over. This will be a huge Lexus car dealership. It has only recently been wrapped. Earlier this week it was just a skeleton of girders. It is located across the street from the soon-to-be, new BMW car dealership which sits atop a hill. I considered counting all the car dealerships in Mt. Kisco, but the thought alone exhausted me. The black frame at the top corners is part of the chain link fence surrounding construction. From where I stood I could hear construction noises; but where were the cars of the workers? Or, were they as ghostly as the edifice?

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