Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Katonah Home: View from the Back Window

This is what we see virtually year-around from the "great room" that adjoins our kitchen. The previous owners get credit for the bushes and pachysandra which stay green all year. Outside of the great room is a 450 sq. ft. patio with room to grill, dine, sunbathe and even exercise.

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Anonymous said...

hello! We stepped in your beautiful home 6 months ago & just placed a bid today. WE ADORE your home. I found your site on google, as I was looking for photos to send my folks. My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting you both when we were looking at your home with a broker. I'm not sure if you remember us, but my husband is Hungarian, and you mentioned you have a Hungarian Vizsla. Who knows, maybe there will be a tradition of Vizsla's living at 101?
All the best to you!
Cynthia and Csaba Marc Biro