Monday, August 18, 2008

Open Sesame

This is the gateway to my favorite “room” in our house, and, as you can see, the door is always open. The greenery is a grape vine I planted within the last three years. It actually weaves back and forth across the top of the trellis. This year the trellis was home to a bird’s nest, although I could never get close enough to see which species.

My father was instrumental in designing the patio. As long as I stared at the space, and drew plan after plan for laying out the stones, I came up empty handed. The day before a helper was to arrive to help me start construction, Dad made an emergency house call.

If you look closely, the outer ring forms a sunburst or circle, metaphorically welcoming guests. A similar sunburst lies at the foot of the stairs leading to the patio from the side door. Once the sunbursts were set, all of the other stones literally fell into place.

Oh, and I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say my dad and my husband spent two hot summer days putting every piece of slate where it belonged. I just had the idea.


Daphne's blog said...

lovely, meditative!

Daphne's blog said...

OOOPS, Daphne, my daughter was logged in.. I'm Sherry, lol!
(Mukilteo Daily Photo)

Virginia said...

THis is a lovely setting. I noticed the stones even before I read your comments. It's almost magical.

About the I Phones. The day I saw all the eager beavers lined up waiting, I thoroughly expected the store to be a madhouse during my one on one session. Not so. They let 5 or so folks in at a time, met them at the door, ran their credit ca rds through on these handheld devices , gave them their phones and noone even knew they were there. Amazingly organized like everything they do. I LOVE my Mac and love going each week and learning new things. THis month I am learning Photoshop Elements so I can fix all my photos!